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ERISA And Private Plan Disability Claims

Minneapolis Private Plan Disability Claims Lawyer

Nolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn, PLC is one of the most experienced and successful disability law firms in Minnesota. We have secured six-figure results in Federal court with disability/health/ pension claims arising under insurance policies or plans that are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). More than 80% of short term and long term disability insurance policies are governed by federal ERISA law.

ERISA was originally passed with the intention of making it easier for employees to secure benefits to which they were entitled. Unfortunately, it is our experience that insurers and administrators of employee plans for disability and health benefits are very aggressive in denying claims. Moreover, the rules and regulations regarding filing a claim, filing an appeal of a denial of a claim, and litigating a claim in Federal District Court or the U.S. Court of Appeals is both difficult and confusing. The process is a minefield of deadlines, necessary documentation, and litigation requirements that confuses not only the general public but many lawyers as well.

We have litigated multiple disability claims against insurance companies such as:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Madison National Life
  • MetLife
  • Sun Life
  • Assurant
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Guardian
  • Life Insurance Company of North America
  • Cigna
  • Unum
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Aetna
  • Hartford
  • Penn Life

There are strict time limits for the taking of legal action in such cases, so do not hesitate to send us an email or call us at 952-373-8617 for a free consultation.

For this reason, we urge anyone who is filing for disability benefits or has been denied disability benefits to contact us immediately before either filing their claim or appealing the claim. It is especially important if you are appealing a denial of a claim to contact us since there are deadlines in such an appeal and certain documentation you should always include in an appeal.

When you call, you will not be charged a fee for us discussing the matter with you. If it turns out to be a case which we believe should be pursued, we will offer you your choice of either a contingency fee agreement or an hourly fee agreement to pursue the matter. Under the contingency fee agreement, there is no charge for our services if we are not successful on your behalf.

Short/Long-Term Disability

Facing life with a short or long term disability is not easy. Adapting to limitations takes a long time. Medical and rehabilitation expenses add up quickly. You may not be able to perform the job you once did, making finances very tight.

Whether you were injured in a work-related accident or became disabled in another manner, you may have a right to pursue Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. In some instances, you may also be entitled to benefits under a private short or long-term disability policy provided by your employer or purchased on your own.

Let Us Help You

To get started on your case right now with no obligation whatsoever, simply complete our free confidential consultation form or give us a call at 952-373-8617. Let us start working on your Minnesota disability law case immediately.