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Outside of the normal scope of law practice, there can sometimes be areas of specialty law that require expertise. In addition, to their normal areas of practice such as Disability Insurance Claims, General Litigation, Business Law, and Personal Injury,Nolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn also has experience with special types of law practice such as:

  • Appellate
  • Administrative Lobbying
  • Arbitration or Mediation
  • Legislative Lobbying
  • Petrol Marketing

What is Appellate Law?

Appellate law is a stage of dispute resolution that involves the handling of cases in appeal process. A losing party of a lawsuit may file an appeal to higher courts in order to overturn the judgment that was passed in a lower court system. Most appellate attorneys seek to correct the errors of court judges by helping to bring out more evidence or by persuading the higher courts to expand or change the interpretation of statutory law. Often times, exceptional research, key analytics, and writing skills are required in order to persuade the higher courts. Nolan, Thompson, Leighton has this ability and experience to help you in the appeal process.

What is Administrative Lobbying?

Lobbying is the practice of promoting, opposing, influencing, or the attempt to influence the introduction, defeat, and enactment of legislation or administrative action before any legislative body, or the official action of a metropolitan governmental unit, by communicating or urging others to communicate with public or local officials. Many groups such as that of a particular political stance or faith group hire an attorney to help combat or promote specific laws concerning their stance.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a form of mediation between two parties, usually within the realms of business law. Upon special circumstances, some parties involved in a potential lawsuit are willing to consider an alternative to a court case. Arbitration is the process of a forum outside of the court with a third party judge that conducts the hearing process similarly to a normal court trial. The Arbitrator or judge, considers all of the testimony and evidence presented, and then makes a decision, which is often final and binding. The advantages of an Arbitration are that it can often save both parties a great deal of money and time as opposed to the normal process of going to trial, which can take a long period of time and large amounts of money. If you are considering a form of mediation, don’t hesitate to contact a legal representative who can help you through the process.

What is Indian Law?

Nolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn, PLC has been active in the representation of clients in the growing area of Indian law for over 20 years. We have acted to protect the rights of Tribal members, non-Tribal members, business clients and local governments in their dealings with Tribal governments. We have been admitted to and appeared in various Tribal court proceedings. We have handled Indian law issues in the Federal courts.  Our successes include:

  • A six figure settlement for a commercial client.
  • We have facilitated the construction of a pipeline across an Indian Reservation by defending against claims in Tribal Court.
  • We have represented Tribal officials in internal Tribal disputes.
  • The firm has presented at continuing legal education seminars in the area of Indian law in Minnesota, Wisconsin and at Yale University.

What is Petrol Marketing Law?

Petrol Marketing Law involves regulation, guidance, surveillance, and supervision procedures to ensure and improve the regular operation of markets regarding petroleum. Specifically, these laws address the purchase, import, export, refining, processing, storage, transmission, distribution, eligible consumer, and bunker activities. Such laws may also address the operations that require licenses, the rights, and liabilities of the license, the limitations of activities regarding the license, and the special terms and conditions of the performance of such activities involving Petrol.

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Among some of the areas of law mentioned above, there can be strict requirements, documentation, and time limits for the taking of legal action in such cases. Do not hesitate to consult your case with our firm to ensure your best interests. Your can contact us online or by calling us at 952-405-7171 for a free consultation.