Short Term Disability

The majority of employers must carry workers compensation insurance. If an employee is injured on the job or develops an illness related to the job, the employee’s medical expenses as well as short-term lost wages, should be covered by workers comp. However, if the condition is not work related, many injured or sick employees must jump over hurdles to receive the temporary benefits they are owed. The short-term disability attorneys at theNolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn, PLC’s Law Firm in Minnesota recognize the complex obstacles that must be overcome regularly for you to be awarded the compensation you need to make ends meet financially while you recover from your injuries or illness.

Short-Term Disability and Representation

At Nolan, Thompson & Leighton, our attorneys are well-versed in a wide array of workers compensation and disability claims that involve all aspects of this complex area of law, including, but not limited to:

  • Filing claims for short-term disability injuries or illness
  • Appealing a denial of a short-term disability claim
  • Litigation for short-term disabilities

If you are facing objections from your employer in filing a short-term disability claim, or if you have been denied benefits, the attorneys at the Minnesota firm ofNolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn want to advocate for you. You should not feel as if your position with your company is threatened by filing a disability claim, nor should you face financial devastation from your injury or illness.

Enlist Representation for Short-Term Disability Claims in Minnesota

Filing a claim for short-term or temporary disability insurance coverage can become a complicated process if you lack the support you need. Enlist the representation of Nolan, Thompson, Leighton & Tataryn, PLC’s disability attorneys in Minnesota to assist you and your family in this process. Contact us today for a free consultation or by calling 952-405-7171.